Why is Paris Saint-Germain Academy the best soccer academy for my children?

1. We are the official academy of the Paris Saint-Germain FC (PSG) in Florida providing the innovative and elite PSG Programs designed for the top players of the world

2. We are the only soccer club in Miami providing national and international exposure through the Miami’s official Soccer Team – FC MIAMI CITY (MLS, USL, European clubs, French league and of course … the Paris Saint-Germain FC)

3. We have the highest rated soccer coaches in Florida (Professional soccer players + PSG certified + international and national licensed)

4. We provide the most comprehensive Competitive & Recreational soccer programs in Florida available for boys and girls from U6 to U23

5. We act as a direct pipeline to high performing professional soccer clubs & universities nationwide

6. We are PSG: PSG Cup (France), International Champions cup, official PSG games, PSG players encounters, VIP guests PSG events…

7. We provide Official Nike PSG uniforms and Premium Nike Academy training kit

8. We are the only soccer organization in South Florida with over 30 full-time committed sports management staff members

9. We partner with prestigious National & International organizations (Nicklaus Hospital, Miami Dade School, Bein sports, Radio Caracol, Univision…)

10. We are involved in our community and we are committed to youth development rewarding excellence (Paris Saint-Germain Academy Florida Foundation supporting unprivileged children’s education)

At what age can my children register to the academy?

Your children may register from 6 years olds to the academy. Beginners will be accepted in the Future Stars program until 10 years old and experienced players may get into a Competitive Team upon assessment of the coach until 18 years old.

Where are the fields located?

We provide training in:

o   Westchester – Tropical Park– 7900 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33155

o   Coral Gables – Carver Middle School soccer field – 4901 Lincoln Dr, Coral Gables, FL 33133

o   Coconut Grove – Peacock park – 2820 McFarlane Rd, Miami, FL 33133

o   Downtown – 444 NW 5th St, Miami, FL 33128

o   Key Biscayne – 4020 Virginia Beach Dr, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

o   Palm Beach – Caloosa Park – 1300 SW 35th Ave, Boynton Beach, FL 33426

o   Homestead – 27401 SW New York Ave, Homestead, FL 33032

What does Future Stars mean?

Future Stars is the PSG Academy program designed for beginners to reach the Pre-Academy Level within 1 year. Future stars players will not play in leagues but will learn competition through friendly tournaments.

Designed by the Paris Saint-Germain FC, your children learn the fundamentals of soccer while having fun. At PSG Academy we believe that the earlier your children start soccer, the better they will become. That is why the future stars program starts at 6 years old.

What does Academy player mean?

An academy player is a player experienced in competition from U13 until U19. The PSG Academy gathers players willing to develop strong soccer skills and understanding of the game (tactics, techniques). PSG Academy players represent the academy in Pre-season, regular season and spring season leagues, as much as prestigious tournaments.

What does Pre-Academy mean?

Pre-Academy is the perfect program for players who are experienced in competition from U8 through U12. The PSG Pre-Academy gathers players willing to develop strong soccer skills and understanding of the game (tactics, techniques). Pre-Academy players represent the academy in Pre-season, regular season and spring season leagues, as much as prestigious tournaments.

What does Elite mean?

Our Elite teams are “la crème de la crème” of the academy, the most talented kids with the biggest potential. From U8 through U19 they may compete at the highest level and commit to the team to develop advanced soccer skills. They are focused on development, performance and competition. Players in the Elite teams are more likely to participate in prestigious tournaments and get exposure to professional world starting with the PSG…

Can I get a scholarship by joining PSG Academy?

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Florida commits to the community by granting exceptional and exclusive scholarships, through the PSG Academy Florida Foundation, to attend the training sessions at reduced price. You need to qualify in all aspects and have extreme rigor in your commitment with the team. All applications must be submitted online here http://rsvp.psgacademyflorida.com/. Scholarships are reviewed by the members of the board and they are exclusively based on the applicant performance, skills and attitude in addition to financial status.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Florida will bring every players to their highest potential and will support every talented player into the process of college scholarship application in addition.

How much does it cost to be a PSG Academy player

Tuition for a full season of training at Paris Saint-Germain Academy is $1900. Payable in 7 installements. ($450 upon registration, $275 the 6 following months).
Price will be degressive if a player registers after last week of September. You may contact the office to get your rate at [email protected]

What does the tuition price include / exclude?

Tuition price excludes:

o Official PSG and Nike uniforms ($200)

o Tournament Fees

o Referee fees

o League fees

o Transportation & lodging

o Meals

Does PSG Academy apply a sibling discount?

Of Course! Every additional sibling player gets a 10% rebate on their Tuition fees.

Do I get a refund if I withdraw my children from a PSG Academy program?

No refund will be granted if you decide to withdraw your children from any of the PSG Academy Camps, Team or Clinics.
You may contact the office to notify a cancellation at [email protected]

What is the PSG program based on?

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Florida focuses on excellence, rigor, success, discipline and team work. The Paris Saint-Germain FC has become one of the Top 8 European club and is playing an attractive soccer synonymous with technical excellence, ball possession, blasting attacks and lots of goals under Coach Laurent Blanc, an all-time great and World Champion with France in 1998!

The PSG program emphasizes in enhancing individual skills and tactics as much as mental conditioning for every players through the traditional techniques of soccer : ball control, passing, shooting/ scoring.

What is the PSG Cup?

The PSG Cup is an exclusive international competition held in Paris every year in May involving players from all over the world: Brazil, France, USA, Canada, Qatar, Morocco, India… Only the best players of each PSG academies in the world are invited to participate. The players spend 5 days in Paris among the Paris Saint-Germain FC.

Is PSG Level too high for my children?

Programs have been designed by Paris Saint-Germain FC in Paris.

From U6 through U18, Paris Saint-Germain Academy Florida provides each player with a custom program adapted to his age and skills. From initiation through Elite, our experienced coaching crew will assess every children with the most adequate team or training group.

Do my children need to do competition?

From U6 through U11, you may choose to do competition or not. PSG Future Stars program is providing initiation to soccer and competition is not mandatory. It is though highly recommended to participate in competition for your children’s mental conditioning.

Can PSG help me to become a professional of soccer?

Paris Saint-Germain FC is dedicated to fostering young talents. The project of developing the Paris Saint-Germain Academy all over the world emerged with the ambition to scout young players within the next years.

Paris Saint-Germain Academy Florida gives to every and each talented player the opportunity to be trained like a professional player, get scouted to become a professional soccer player. Our exclusive professional partners with Premier League (UK), Ligue 1 (FR) and MLS (USA) makes us the biggest opportunity providers in South Florida.

What is a certified PSG Coach?

A certified PSG Coach is a soccer coach who:

o is employed by Paris Saint-Germain Academy Florida

o receives and applies the official PSG coaching training designed by Paris Saint-Germain FC

o is a soccer licensed professional

o is a youth experienced professional

o gets evaluated by the Paris Saint-Germain on a monthly basis upon achievements

o was cleared in level 2 background checks

When can I tryout?

Tryouts period in Florida runs from the end of Memorial Week end until July.
PLease check out Website http://soccerclub.psgacademyflorida.com/ to get more information

How do I get into a PSG Academy team?

If you are not registered to a Club, you may be assessed by a technical member of the PSG Academy all along teh season. Every applicant must participate in a Discovery Clinics.($20) supported by the PSG ACademy Florida Foundationaiming at providing the Genuine PSG program to the community.

If you are already registered to a club, you must ask them for a release, for more information contact us at [email protected]

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