Final Round of the Official Paris Saint-Germain Global ASSESSMENTS starts this week for the PSG Academy Players!

March 29, 2017
global assessments

The annual and Official Paris Saint-Germain Global Assessments start this week and are the best way to monitor the players’ improvements since November. 

Starting today, all the PSG Academy Players will go through the final annual assessment. As the first round last November, they will receive their Report Card and meet with their coach after spring break for an individual interview to evaluate their soccer skills and improvements, like the PRO!



What is the Paris Saint-Germain Global Assessment? 

As part of the exclusive and unique PSG Academy program, thousands of players  (from U8 through U19) belonging to the PSG Community will:

  • be assessed under the very same professional criteria 3 times in a year
  • be monitored by the Paris Saint-Germain FC Headquarters in France
  • receive an individual evaluation of performance and improvement, the “Player’s Report Card”, based on Individual & Collective skills.

Participating academies: New-York, Canada, Florida, Brazil, France, Morocco, Egypt, Dubai, Qatar, England and India. 


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