Official Visit from the PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN HEAD COACH in Miami!

March 2, 2017

As official academy of the Paris Saint-Germain FC in Florida, we are honored to welcome the official PSG Academy Head Coach Benjamin Houri from Paris. He is in charge of the implementation of the innovative PSG Programs within all the PSG Academies throughout the world. He trains all PSG Coaches on every aspects of the programs and meet players from all over the world…what a great job!

Back from PSG Academy India, Benjamin spent 2 weeks with the PSG Academy Florida Teams.

During 15 days, he observed, assessed and took part in each training session of the PSG Academy, from our youngest players with the Future Stars to our oldest; the U19 not to mention the elite Girls team in Homestead. He visited all the PSG Academy Florida locations: Miami, Homestead, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach… to meet with the Florida soccer players and coaches… He also attended a training of our Adult Premier Team: The FC Miami City, preparing their PDL Season.

Benjamin was aiming at becoming a professional player but due to a serious injury at age 17, he changed his career path and join the Paris Saint-Germain FC at 18. He was the youngest coach ever to get into the Elite French Club. Today he is in charge of one of the biggest youth Soccer Program in the world. He is coaching and developing the programs on a daily basis at “Camp des loges” where all the PSG Stars train on Unai Emery’s side. Benjamin is undoubtedly an amazing coach, with high potential. Benjamin brings successful and valuable advice to the Florida Players and Coaches to constantly improve their game and take their skills to the next level.

It is a great pleasure and an honor to have him in our community for 2 weeks and we are already planning his comeback at PSG Academy Florida !

Discover all of the pics of Head Coach Benjamin on the Field! 

You will see: Dream Bigger Clinics (Miami, Palm Beach), Pre-Academy training sessions, PSG Staff and coaches training on and off the field, Girls training… and friendly meetings with the Floridian players…



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