PSG Academy in PARIS this summer for the PARIS WORLD GAMES!

March 8, 2017


The PSG Academy is introducing another premium international opportunity for the PSG Academy players: the PARIS WORLD GAMES, the biggest youth soccer event of the year in Paris this summer from July 7th to July 13th!

Paris World Games is an elite international soccer tournament in France gathering hundreds of teams from the most prestigious soccer clubs in the world: Atletico Madrid, West-Ham, Liverpool,…And PSG! Already 1 team has signed up and is getting ready for the event: U14 Ronaldinho and their Coach will travel to PARIS along with 700 teams, 60 nationalities, 15 000 players!

An amazing and unique opportunity for the whole family: All-inclusive-1 week trip,  International soccer experience, Exposure, Tourism and visit of the most beautiful places in Paris at an unbeatable price!

The exclusive package includes:

  • 5-day tournament
  • Opening ceremony and access to the Paris World Games village
  • 6 nights (From July 7 to July 13)
  • Full board (3 meals per day)
  • Free transportation within Paris Area during the stay
  • Free Pass to visit the best places of Paris

The PSG Academy is proud to provide to an Exclusive International Program like nowhere else with amazing and premium events such as the PSG Academy Cup, the PARIS WORLD GAMES both in Paris! And many other premium European events to come…  PSG Academy offers the greatest opportunities to improve every players’ games, discover the European Genuine soccer and get exposure!

Check out the official booklet to get more info and visit the official website for more information:



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