Official Summer Tour 2017

Official Summer Tour 2017

Are you ready to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience?!

You are one step closer to the Paris Saint-Germain Pro players! We are happy to inform you in exclusivity of the first official events during the Paris Saint-Germain US Summer Tour. (Yes there will be additional VIP events to come… VIP lounges, Pop-up stores, Players marketing events…)

As members of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy, you are eligible to attend all of the VIP events listed below and the ones to come. So, hurry and RSVP now, the booking will be on the first come first served basis.

We are so proud to provide our community with such premium and unique events. Never seen before in Florida or anywhere else, PSG is the only team competing in the ICC spending so much time with the kids. (you are welcome 😉 )

Select your favorite events according to your personal schedule this summer and submit it to the office. You will receive a confirmation by email with exact schedule and information, until then your selection is not confirmed.

The office will coordinate all registrations to provide every children with an amazing experience. We will take into consideration the following criteria: Commitment to the Club, loyalty, attitude of the family towards the club, date of birth of the participants and date of registration for the new members.

Extraordinary players making extraordinary memories…


I agree and certify that I have read Paris Saint-Germain Academy's Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

I understand that by submitting my choices, it does not mean that they are confirmed. The office will contact me by email to confirm availability.

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