Inside the FC Miami City, the PSG Academy Florida’ Soccer Adult team

January 31, 2017

As part of our exclusive programs, we act as a direct pipeline to high performing professional soccer clubs & universities nationwide providing national and international exposure to our high potential players.

The PSG Academy Florida is the only Academy in Florida to have an Adult Premier Team, the FC Miami City playing in the PDL, Premier Development League. Wagneau Eloi, director of the PSG Academy is also the head Coach of this Semi-professional Team.

Every PSG Academy Florida’s players are trained to play at their highest level. They are fostered to become core FC MIAMI CITY players representing their own city! Another lifetime experience program giving them the exposure to get scholarships in the highest rated universities, and get scouted for professional opportunities for the most talented players.

Over 350 players tried out in January and an additional tryout session are scheduled in FRANCE in February! 

As the official roster, will be disclosed in April, the U18/ U19 PSG Academy players will take a leap and participate in a scrimmage game very soon. In the meantime, everybody needs to get ready!

Check out some pics of the FC Miami Tryouts in early January!

Big encouragements to the participating PSG players Gregory H. and Andres P.

Click here to see the pictures!

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