Frederic Cattenoy, Youth Technical director at Paris Saint-Germain FC visiting Miami

February 25, 2016

We are thrilled to announce, the very first visit from the Youth Technical Director of the Paris Saint-Germain FC and Paris Saint-Germain Academy!

Straight from “Le camp des Loges” in Paris, Cédric Cattenoy will train each and every players of the academy. The technical director of the U8 – U15 Paris Saint-Germain FC Program, himself, will observe and report players’ skills, tactics and performances during the Weston Cup and also during the following Tuesday training leveling up every players’ experience..

Head Coach Cédric, whose reputation is not to be made, travels in ever academy throughout the world to scout talents, share his experience and set up technical standards.

Train like a pro! Another unique opportunity to be coached exactly as in the Paris Saint-Germain FC Training center..

Only at @psgflorida …

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