[BREAKING NEWS] The PSG Super STARS are coming to MIAMI to meet the PSG Academy players!

March 21, 2017
super stars

Magical, Exceptional, Fantastic…  The PSG Super Stars are coming to Miami in July to compete for the International Champions Cup and the PSG Academy Players will have the INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY to meet with them!

Not only are they coming to compete for the International Champions Cup, but they are indeed coming also to visit our Academy! 

The words are not strong enough to express the joy of our PSG Players who discovered the news! Yes…They will meet for REAL their favorite players during their 2017 Summer US Tour “PARIS LOVES US”!

An annual meeting with the Super Stars but this year, everything will be in Florida to the great delight of us all! The full team will stay 10 days from July 16 to July 26 with us! 

Everyone is very excited and the PSG Pro team is ecstatic to meet with their Floridian players and fans!

We are very proud to provide everyone our members with THE once-in-a-lifetime experience that all of the young soccer players dream about…receiving the SUPER STARS of their club, meeting their favorite players, getting involved in Ultra VIP events, being invited to premium games…Sharing  privileged moments with world-classs Soccer masters…

Pictures, selfies, autographs, private meetings, professional training, handshakes,…  What an outstanding program!

Once again, our PSG Academy players will see their dreams come true! #DREAMBIGGER

This is definitely ONLY happening @PSGACADEMYFLORIDA 

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